Thursday, November 24, 2005

To ALL of my 14 readers

You know I love to write. You know I love to be read. And I DO want to tell you all about the labor and birth of Bubbles, I really do. But here is what we have been dealing with at my house lately:
  • Chicken pox scare (Supergirl)
  • So scared that we packed an 11 day old Bubbles off to the ER to get an immuno-globulin shot so he didn't DIE from chicken pox (oh yes they can)
  • Having to be in the very ER in which I last held Elijah and hearing them call the little boy in front of us who had smashed his finger in the door: "Elijah" (yes I am serious)
  • Discovery that Supergirl has Coxsackie virus instead of chicken pox. Wave of great relief passes over our house with the fear of potential DEATH being replaced with the EXTREME IRRITABILITY symptom of coxsackie. (Supergirl's, thus Mama's as well)
  • Mama must call everyone that has come into contact with Supergirl over past 2 weeks, as coxsackie is contagious for up to two weeks - UNTIL the symptoms (chicken pox like rash) show up.
  • Inability to stop saying 'coxsackie'. Coxsackie.
  • On recommendation of pediatrician, mama got a flu shot.
  • Mama got the flu. (it sucked)
  • Bubbles likes to eat approximately 19 hours out of each day.
  • The remaining 5 hours, Bubbles likes to use the mama as the human pacifier.
  • Ohman are my nipples ever SORE!!!!!!!!
  • 85 degree weather necessitates first trip to the beach. (see photo)
  • Reality is: Mama is pretty content to hold the Bubbles in arms as he wishes and just say 'the blog can wait. I have a BABY!' (who won't wait)
So you see, it isn't that I don't care or don't want to SHARE all the bloody details with you. I certainly do, and I certainly will. But some things must wait. And it isn't the baby that will.


mamadaisy said...

SO SORRY to hear about the chicken pox scare and the truly horrible ER deja vu. that's awful.

hope you are all feeling better soon. enjoy that yummy baby.

Anonymous said...

Hi. This is Frannie. Just checking in on Bubbles and Supergirl. Does Bubbles have a legal name yet or did I miss it. I will always think of him as Bubbles though. LOL Love your pictures. Frannie

Emily said...

Thank goodness Bubbles is fine and you got to have a great disease like coxsackie. Yes, I think it's fun to say too.

You enjoy that baby. Congratulations again - he is truly beautiful and definitely deserves your undivided attention.

Take care, especially of your nipples!

Candy said...

He's so beautiful, and you take amazing pictures.

If I hadn't had my tubes tied, I'd be oh so tempted. Thank god for planning.

the ockers said...

sorry to hear about the coxsackie. how awful for you to go through this stress during your first holiday season with Bubbles. OH and you have beautiful photos up. just gorgeous. your kids are stunning. C

GraceD said...

Come back to us, Gwendomama! Come back!

Happy New Year to you, lovely woman, dear, dear G2.