Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dear Supergirl

Dear Supergirl;

Today you are nine.

You deserve all the great things that have happened for you in your recent past, and none of the horrific things.
You deserve kittens, rainbows, silky things, cake and candy, and all the love the world has to give you.

You are strong, you are unique, you are brilliant, you are creative, you are kind, you are startlingly gorgeous, you are so very you.

Without you, the world would be 9 shades more dull in every color.

You are amazing, and I thank you for giving me the greatest two gifts in the world:
Yourself. And motherhood.

I love you.

Kitten Soccer


Sunday, July 18, 2010

This One is For The Haters

Oh HAI! You're still here?


Because, against all my better blogging judgment, there is something I wanted to say.

Remember how you called me cruel?

Well, afore-mentioned veterinarian friend met Sassy-kitten today.


'OMG TODAY IS A SUNDAY!!' you say....

Oh yeah I know that.

She was visiting us, so suck it.

"AWWWW....ZOMG she's GORGEOUS," said my dear friend who happens to be a veterinarian.

The friend who is bonded forever to me through her three daughters, whose lives she entrusted me with for over ten years; first through mutual agreement to obligation, and later by mutual agreement of mutual admiration and respect.

I just used the word 'mutual' three times in one sentence.

Go. me.

I told her about you.

You, the haters.

No, not you.


Yeah, so she laughed at you.

My little girl's special birthday therapy kitten is in great hands.

That's all.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Change Your Password Often

Some crazy shizzle happened.

The end.

Apraxia in Action

Mama: Bubbles, how can you swim so well? Wow! You just figured it all out! Look at you go!

Bubbles: My brain! It is like the magic!!

Bubbles, showing me a book from the library: Mama, do you know this is your brain? Your brain is in your head, see mine? When you get pinched, it makes your brain go 'DING!' and then you say 'OW!' It goes, 'DING!' like an alligator.

Mama: Like an alligator?

Bubbles: Yes! Alligators going up and down, ding ding ding!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ummm...Okay, so I lied.

We had been talking about it for a while...if the right (free, siamese) kitteh came along...

And lo! There were sisters!
Don't panic, we're not keeping both of them...and yes!
We have access to vet care!

My niece is visiting and it's all her fault I came home with a kitteh we decided to partner up in this crime of early birthday present for Supergirl....with the added bonus of supercousins having sister kitties....

We have a few days to decide which is the best match, but I am placing bets on the one we call 'Sassy'. Any guesses why?

You could never have said no to that face either.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sighting of A Boy

The family walks past the long window and through the door of the taqueria. The mother leads the way. She is undeniably who I first think she may be; her wild kinky black hair and beautifully pumpkin shaped body have not been altered by the seven years which have passed, and she is easy to recognize.
She is followed by her short, shuffling and grumpy husband, and I lean forward to catch a glimpse of the one I want to see so dearly and at the same time am afraid....and in another short, interrupted breath - he bounces in, buoyant in spite of his father's shadow.
He is tall, considering the stature of his parents.
His hair is like hers, and his smile is hers.
He talks animatedly about black beans or pinto; turns his excitement towards the soda fountain. He is seven.

The mother notices me staring and looks at me suspiciously for a moment before a flicker of recognition.
I wait for her to go first.
"You look I know you? I know I know you from something....swim classes? The library? Music class?"
I let her trail off before I decide to answer.
"The NICU. We met in the NICU. Our babies were in together."

She looks at my children, sizing them up...wondering...

So I say, "No. This is my daughter. She was not even two at the time. This is my son, and he is four. It was Elijah who was in the NICU."

"Oh yes, now I remember. How is he doing?"
I shake my head, realizing I got myself into this by staring at her son.
I don't think she wants to hear.

The silence with which she waits indicates she is expecting the rest of the story.

"Well, he died when he was thirteen months old."

We go through the usual dialogue.
"Oh wow. Oh. I am so sorry."
"I know. It's okay. It was terrible. We really miss him. But now it's our family history."
"Oh wow. I am so sorry. I don't know how you....I could never....I don't know what to say...."
"So, your son looks great. Congratulations, he's wonderful."
"Oh wow....the Oh the NICU...I hadn't thought about it in so long."

I gather up the scraps of my kids' quesadillas, and herd them out the door. When I turn to wave goodbye, her elbows are propped on the table, her head is in her hands and she is staring glassily into the orange booth in front of her.

"I'm sorry." I toss out, by way of 'goodbye'.

I really was.

Friday, July 02, 2010

I have a PO BOX!!

If you would like to snail mail something to us (so many have asked about Supergirl's 7/20 birthday), you may send things to THIS ADDRESS.

You can also find my mailing address in my profile page.

Thank you thank you thank you....

I Now Believe in GOOD....It's all around us in the form of people....

I got a phone call from someone I would call 'a good acquaintance'.
A compadre blogger who let me know she was nearby...local....had read me, even, and had offered to help before. We met in person at the small mountain/valley farmers market a while back...we certainly knew each other by sight.

She is an angel in disguise.

The phone call, followed up by email, was about donating food. To my family.
She was going away for three weeks and 'wanted to empty the fridge' and hand it over to me....if I would accept, that is...
So I learned how to say 'yes' to these sorts of gifts. I said I would love it.
Inside, I was conflicted. Shreds of shame.
But I said yes please. And thank you for thinking of me.

Today, my friend came to my house. Yes, friend. I hope to get to know her better - as we ended up spending an easy couple hours connecting and talking about the unbloggable.
I love her. I love her boys, who are lovely, polite, and incredibly amiable.
She brought with her the proposed 'empty fridge contents' and I didn't look into the bags right away after she assured me we had unloaded the perishables.

Later today, I was unloading all of the groceries she left me, and I have this to say:
MapleSyrup is a full on liar.
A liar with a huge-mongous heart and secret squirrel superpowers.

Beyond the obvious gifts she gave us of:
3 pounds of butter (stress baking!!)
loaf of bread
french feta cheese
organic baby carrots

....I later opened the bags to find:
organic pasta
organic pasta sauce
organic peanut butter
fruit rollups
artichoke hearts
paper towels
organic chicken broth
jam....and more.

None of these things need refrigeration which is why I can call her a liar.
But I still would french kiss her.

Thanks honey....have a great trip!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Ten Bullet Points

  1. Angel Food Ministries: check. There's one 30 miles from here - I am so all over that for July.
  2. Kitteh. No, we are not getting a kitten. Although I am very good friends with a veterinarian and would have access to fabulous care, now is not the time.
  3. No, build-a-bear clothes are not a necessity. Far from it, in fact. But those behind the 'dress the bear' movement, made my daughter's life brighter yesterday.
  4. Yoga for a clinically depressed child with PTSD and behavior issues IS actually a necessity and she starts Tuesday. $6.50 per class.
  5. My power will not be shut off.
  6. I am on the phone with KitchenAid. UPDATE: If you are not calling within the ONE YEAR warranty (hahahahaha) then you are on your own. Who knew 30 pound kitchen appliances were disposable?
  7. Thank you to those of you who sent WORK my way. Any reviews or writing opportunities are welcome and I work for product and/or actual payment.
  8. I do this in addition to working 8-6.
  9. Yes, block o government cheese IS poor people food, and I am poor right now.
  10. I know I am a great mom. Thank you.