Sunday, July 18, 2010

This One is For The Haters

Oh HAI! You're still here?


Because, against all my better blogging judgment, there is something I wanted to say.

Remember how you called me cruel?

Well, afore-mentioned veterinarian friend met Sassy-kitten today.


'OMG TODAY IS A SUNDAY!!' you say....

Oh yeah I know that.

She was visiting us, so suck it.

"AWWWW....ZOMG she's GORGEOUS," said my dear friend who happens to be a veterinarian.

The friend who is bonded forever to me through her three daughters, whose lives she entrusted me with for over ten years; first through mutual agreement to obligation, and later by mutual agreement of mutual admiration and respect.

I just used the word 'mutual' three times in one sentence.

Go. me.

I told her about you.

You, the haters.

No, not you.


Yeah, so she laughed at you.

My little girl's special birthday therapy kitten is in great hands.

That's all.



Sophie said...

My gawd!!! She is gorgeous!

Most definitely not one of the haters...

Headless Mom said...

Kitteh therapy is the best. *sigh* I wish we could have one but my #2 is reeeeely allergic.

F the haters!

Tigger said...

Oh the kitteh is absolutely gorgeous. Reminds me of my snowshoe siamese, Methos. :)

Let the haters have a taste of Sassy's claws.

Melissa said...

Cats are quite the stress reliever too!
Who ever your haters are GO AWAY!
No one wants you here.

Anonymous said...

How very fortunate you are to have a close friend who is a vet and be guaranteed free vet care. Nobody would have expected that. I think it is a pity you characterize the people who were a bit shocked about you getting the kitten as "haters".

Sassy is really cute and the kids must adore her.

Anonymous said...

Animals are so therapeutic and can help people in so many ways. So glad she has a kitten. Every little girl needs one IMO!

Hey Hater, why do you care what the hell she does in regards to this decison or any other? Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why you haven't thanked some of the people that donated to you when you needed it. I personally know someone that didn't know you or read your blog and sent you a donation....and you didn't thank that person or even acknowledge it.....

Katy said...

It really amazes me how people leave comments about crap without actually reading your blog.

Seriously... to all those who are worried about kittens or and thank yous... READ THE Blog!

Anonymous said...

This Anon Hater is so annoying. Does this person live near you or know you? I'd get a restraining order if they do. You are a fucked up person Anon. See a shrink.

Kathy said...

I am amzed and saddened by some the comments left for you. Why do people think they can "say" things in the comments (hiding be anonimity) that they would most likely never say to your face.

The kitten is adorable. I am certain your daughter is in love. I am thrilled that you have vet care available. I love that you decided to get this kitten who will bring so much joy to your family. I am sorry you have to suffer the nasty comments.

Jules said...

When people are miserable in their own lives they think a "dose of reality" is due to everyone else. They don't realize they are such tools.

That kitten's got a face you want to smooch.

Magpie said...


gwendomama said...

to the commenter concerned that i am not thanking everyone properly - if your friend didn't get an automated thank you from paypal then she/he will. i have been trying to get to thanking EVERYONE personally for this help. While parenting and working full time - i only have so much time in the day, but no donation will go without thanks. thanks for your concern for your friend - it's very kind.

Pamela said...

pretty sure i read a post here recently where you said thank you to all the people who donated and helped and brought and gave. and way to go, anonymous, leaving a whole bunch of comments. you are teh clevers.

Elizabeth said...

Awesome! Free traveling vetcare - on a Sunday no less! How you could you NOT have gotten a kitten. She is beeeeoooteeful.

F the haters. They hate therefore they suck. Or perhaps the other way around but who cares anyway. :)

Tonya said...

So cute, glad that you were able to get her!

Shea's Mom said...

There is nothing like a little kitten energy in the house!

Love her up!


alison said...

Really? People have the time to trawl the interwebs and abuse ordinary decent people?

Some people need to get a life!! And maybe read the posts before responding. I saw that you wrote that you would have access to vet care when you got the kitten.

I also read you thank everyone for donations.

If people actually read your posts they would maybe understand that you are not sitting about eating bonbons all day (although I wish you could as you deserve to treat yourself)

Beautiful Kitty for a beautiful girl's birthday. Your children have had a tough year so they deserve such a nice present.

Love to you and your children

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should adjust your attitude for the next time you need to beg the internet for food for your children.

Tigger said...

Anon, perhaps you should adjust yours before spewing all over a persons blog. You can't even be bothered to leave your name. Didn't your momma teach you that if you can't say something nice, get your hands off the damn keyboard? (or in other words, SHUT IT!)

Christy said...

1. If you don't like what you're reading on this blog, don't read it.
2. If you read something you don't like, ignore it. It's HER blog, her life. You get no say.
3. If you gave and are upset you didn't get a personal thank you, did you really give for the right reason?
4. There are plenty of us here that love to read the blog without complaining. The rest can go away now.
5. The kitten is adorable. Enjoy!

Another Suburban Mom said...

That kitteh is so stinking cute. I just want to give her cuddles and kisses.

Ashley said...


I meant to follow you before now, I thought I had. Kitty is *beautiful*

I have a therapy cat too- Am off all meds. It wasn't *just* the cat, but the cat was a *big* help...

All the best to you and the kiddos!

Anonymous said...

An automated thank you? WOW. Stay classy!

gwendomama said...

I guess you missed the part about getting to everyone personally.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you're back! I was so sad when I saw you were private last week or whenever it was... These haters are some of the lowest I have seen. I can't believe they have said some of these things. There is nothing classy about their comments, but you have handled yourself and written with class for years.

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