Friday, July 02, 2010

I Now Believe in GOOD....It's all around us in the form of people....

I got a phone call from someone I would call 'a good acquaintance'.
A compadre blogger who let me know she was nearby...local....had read me, even, and had offered to help before. We met in person at the small mountain/valley farmers market a while back...we certainly knew each other by sight.

She is an angel in disguise.

The phone call, followed up by email, was about donating food. To my family.
She was going away for three weeks and 'wanted to empty the fridge' and hand it over to me....if I would accept, that is...
So I learned how to say 'yes' to these sorts of gifts. I said I would love it.
Inside, I was conflicted. Shreds of shame.
But I said yes please. And thank you for thinking of me.

Today, my friend came to my house. Yes, friend. I hope to get to know her better - as we ended up spending an easy couple hours connecting and talking about the unbloggable.
I love her. I love her boys, who are lovely, polite, and incredibly amiable.
She brought with her the proposed 'empty fridge contents' and I didn't look into the bags right away after she assured me we had unloaded the perishables.

Later today, I was unloading all of the groceries she left me, and I have this to say:
MapleSyrup is a full on liar.
A liar with a huge-mongous heart and secret squirrel superpowers.

Beyond the obvious gifts she gave us of:
3 pounds of butter (stress baking!!)
loaf of bread
french feta cheese
organic baby carrots

....I later opened the bags to find:
organic pasta
organic pasta sauce
organic peanut butter
fruit rollups
artichoke hearts
paper towels
organic chicken broth
jam....and more.

None of these things need refrigeration which is why I can call her a liar.
But I still would french kiss her.

Thanks honey....have a great trip!


Jules said...

Those kinda lies are easy to handle! You have been blessed.

On a side note, as someone who has gone through what you have, do you think you maybe able to help me with some of the same issues when it comes to the legal process?

My email is juleseatnetzerodotcom

Sorry to be vague, but as you know the internet has it's spies and I am protecting a family.

Life in Rehab said...

Email me. I'd like to do something to help.

Tigger said... awesome to have friends like that! Yay for MapleSyrup! :)

Ashley said...

I'm so glad. Your family has been in my thoughts and I've thought about you constantly.

chanel said...

Aren't friends grand :) Hey,do you live in the central valley? If so, email me personally and we can chat, from a mom who's been there too.

h2o girl said...

Aw, that is fantastic. I want to French kiss her now too. Or would that be Freedom kiss?

Sorry, we're having wine at work today & I'm loopy.

texasholly said...

That is so sweet I have tears in my eyes...I love my online friends. So much for that myth of superficial friendships over the internet.

She-Ra said...

I just heard about you from NotesfromtheTrenches. I'm happy for all the support you have received and hope that things get better soon.

I just wanted to mention that the Girl Scout organization does offer financial assistance. You can apply through your troop leaders or if you'd rather not do that, I'm sure you can contact the council office. It may not pay for the field trip activity (but it might!) but it would definitely pay for other stuff like the registration fee which would free up some money for other stuff.

Good luck!

Mama Deb said...

Like! Like!

Sweet gesture and lovely post reminding us that there are good folks among us!

Jenna said...

That is so awesome! Glad to hear a fellow blogger mama could help you out in such tangible ways.

maplesyrup said...

From Denver this morning: You're welcome! I hope we get to hang out more too! (if I can find a pair of pants that aren't on fire) LOL

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