Monday, September 10, 2007

Desperate Milestones

Do you see it? Can you tell? What is different? Just take a guess!

Supergirl has been obsessed with losing teeth for approximately 18 months now. Maybe it is because she really is smaller than the rest of her peers and later to develop (at important things like losing teeth - and not sure how to break it to her about the breasts...).
Maybe it is because she is also obsessed with fairies, and this should have been obvious to me. I don't know. But I do know that this is *A Great Event* at our house.

Supergirl was the only kid who did not lose a tooth in Kindergarten. Oh, she claimed that she had a 'wiggly tooth' for months. She would even 'wiggle' it for us (cringe- there was no loose tooth!). But, nothing.
Finally, the very day before first grade started, she had a wiggly tooth. A really wiggly tooth. Not fictitious by any standard, as she was able to soon delight the family with tooth tricks:
Pushing it perpendicular to the gum with her tongue, making that awful tooth-pulling-away-from-socket sucking noise, claiming that she could 'feel the root' and it was 'really sharp', etc.

And then, her best friend came to visit yesterday. Betsy does not go to her school. Betsy just lost her lower front right tooth (lower right central, if you care) the other day! WOW! Nuts!

Some comments were made by adults about the coincidental tooth, and, as Betsy proudly showed us her gap, Supergirl and her hanging-by-a-thread-tooth disappeared for a brief interlude. Moments later, she presented us with a big smile, and this:


Elizabeth said...

She pulled out her own tooth? Atta girl! I always give my boys a gold dollar for a tooth, when they were younger I told them that it was special "tooth fairy money".

And that photo? I literally sucked my breath in because she looks so much like you, and she's so GORGEOUS! She's going to conquer the world, I can just tell :)

jenijen said...

Ha! I know the desperation involved. Soph is the only first grader in school to have all her original teeth!

Congrats to SG!

falwyn said...

We just discovered last night that my daughter has a loose tooth. Is it wrong that the very fact has completely knocked me over? Where did my baby girl go?

mamadaisy said...

hooray for the great event! she looks so grown up!

Tricia said...

I love how she is squeezing her hand so tightly, so as not to lose the precious cargo.

gwendomama said...

yes, rare for a little sprite to lose anything, eh, jen?
elizabeth - you are right, she does look like me in this one, poor dear. but YES, she WILL do some ruling. ahem.
and the grip? nice observation tricia - her fingers are turning purple!
and as far as the growing up goes? i have to say--- look at it this way...there is only one other alternative.
and you don't want that.

i love yins.

Geener said...

That is excellent! I wish I could have secretly watched her yank that tooth out.

Daisy said...

This is so exciting! don't tell her about breasts quite yet.

Glennia said...

Beautiful photos. Losing teeth is a big deal in our house. My son was among the last to lose a tooth in Kindergarten and he was so excited when he finally had one fall out. Now he says he's looking forward to his "man teeth."