Monday, January 28, 2008

Yes, I did THAT

Gwendomama has broken her back. Nobody is quite sure how it happened, but most of the evidence points to one, single straw.
She is currently waiting to hear from the data recovery gurus who are, right now, lovingly caressing and cajoling her laptop back to life.
When they call to drop the bomb deliver the sweet-smelling news, Gwendomama will perhaps then pull her head out from the drywall in which it has been wedged for two days.


nailgirl said...

Do you need me to come over and help you get your head out? Giggle.

Lin said...

Bloody hell...I've killed two laptops. One with a cup of tea (it had a teaspoon of sugar and milk in it). Had it been black, the damage wouldn't have been nearly as severe. The second laptop...well, I dropped it on its head.

I'm sitting here tapping this out on my brand new xmas lappie...a macbook pro. Very pretty, very silvery, very everything. I wish you luck and oh do I remember the pain.


jenijen said...

well, shit, honey. i'm so sorry!

Tricia said...

I love my laptop and hate it, for this reason alone! Ouch!

gwendomama said...

yes, please come get my head out of the wall, and stay for a glass of wine while you are here!!

i heard the sigh when i was asked what color wine and i said...RED~~ apparently the sugar, it is bad.

something that i move out of the way of my kids when they eat, but manage to spill on it myself. it would have been much easier to blame the kids.

nailgirl said...

Girlfriend.... Thanx for the condolences on my blog :)