Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I'll say it until it's heard. That's conviction, sir.

The following is why it pays to have paid for transcripts (when there was such a thing as a family court reporter):

THE RESPONDENT: I wasn't permitted by law to be at that residence or remove/retrieve my belongings at that time.

THE COURT (akaThe Presiding ever-changing-at-any-moment-but consistent-at-this-point-in-time, Judge S.): "Because of your conduct which led to the CLETS order, Am I getting that wrong?"
THE RESPONDENT: Yes, you are.
THE COURT: You didn't get arrested and convicted?
THE RESPONDENT: No. I was not convicted of a domestic violence. I plead no contest to disturbing peace.





THE COURT: You are on formal probation?
THE COURT: Domestic violence counseling?
THE COURT: A 52 week program?
THE COURT: You are on three years formal probation ?
THE COURT: That's conviction, sir.

That's conviction, sir.


Ersula said...

Damn straight.

Headless Mom said...

Well done Sir Judge.

Tigger said...

Glad to see you're still here! I've missed you!

You gotta *love* judges like that. I would have liked hearing the tone of voice that was delivered in too - my brain supplies one and it's...amusing, in it's own way. Simply because I have a hard time understanding the levels of delusion one can convince themselves of, and I love it when someone is able to poke holes in them!

Jen Mc said...

Sigh. My ex never would admit (or still never really believed) that he had committed domestic violence. During his sentencing hearing for a felony conviction (having nothing to do with me), he told the judge he had no previous history of violence. As if the judge did not have the records for the two previous domestic violence cases. One of which said judge was suspending the sentence for, due to the superceding felony sentence. He considered that since he plead guilty to one, and no contest to the other, he wasn't actually convicted, and therefore wasn't actually guilty. Or something. They just don't get it. (and those 52-week DV classes obviously aren't helping them to get it - my ex went through 3 times, and still felt this way.)

Fortunately, you have a judge that does get it, and that is something very valuable indeed. Very glad to hear it. Hang in there, girl.

Anonymous said...

*gavel slam*

That? Is freaking awesome.

Pamela said...

it's nice when the system works. and it's nice to know you were right.