Monday, November 22, 2010

Bubbles' First Essay

I am a part-time home-schooling mom of a reluctant kindergartner.
My son will most certainly be attending two years of K, for reasons determined even before he was enrolled. (long story short: Child with birthday 1 mo before CA cut-off date for K eligibility renders him ineligible for preschool tuition assistance - and yes, even the child with a delay. So he is in K.)

Home-schooling for us has meant many things. We have gone to see the various stages of decay of an 86 foot blue whale which washed ashore 20 miles north.
We have watched the progression of local butterfly migration.
We have smashed pumpkins off a deck to grow more pumpkins.
We have counted sea lions off the wharf.
We have played 'knights and batman' (very complicated with embellishable rules, apparently).
We have counted strawberries into snack cups, snack cups into muffins, muffins into get the idea.

One of my favorite resources from our I/S (Independent Study; which equates those 2 days/wk of home-schooling, in addition to his 3 days/wk teeny classroom experience) happen to be those little hand-outs from which are usually WAY above Bubbles' head but get the creative juices flowing.

Last week we read the and I asked him a few questions about his own climate and our own location. He proceeded to dictate to me, the following 'essay' on 'Where I Live':

My house is in California.
I live in B*****D***.
It's a mountain.
We have a beach called 'Shell Beach'.
Sometimes it snows.
We get rain up here!
We always go to swimming class.
We always have playdates up to O's house or down to my house.
And we ALWAYS go to school.
We have fun getting shells.