Friday, September 16, 2005

Loss and Have

What brings me here? Loss, I guess. And Have, in 'I have a need to write about it' and 'I have a child which makes me a mama which gives me something else to write about' and 'I have a computer and a roof over my head which is more than many people can say'. So much of what spews out of my mouth or churns around in my brain is about or because of Loss. But since I have the ability and the computer and the power to combine those with words...well, I Have.
But I begin with the Loss....because that is what inspired me enough to come here, I suppose.
There is no great place to begin again when you have lost something so great, and I refer to the victims of hurricane Katrina (no, mrs bush, it is not corrina). When you Have, you need to give some of it to those who have Lost EVERYTHING. They need a place to start.
I needed a place to start. If you are still with me, then start here.
Also known as: How you can help w/hurricane relief without spending a bundle.
Why am I here?
What does a 8 mos pregnant mom of one live, one dead, and one fetal child do with her anxiety? Channel it into DOING something to help herself (distraction is the greatest weapon) and others (duh). No, I am not above selfishness. I live with myself, though.
The link below is to a local SantaCruz blogger that cyberspace connected with me...she and a woman in Mississippi are working together to cut out the middle man in donations...meaning no operating or administration expenses will be taken out of your donations. The CEO for Red Cross makes $450,000/yr. Granted, this is a drop in the bucket for their millions, but hey - them's the facts.
The woman in Mississippi (Victoria) is coordinating truckloads of donations directly to shelters. Grace (the santa cruz ground central coordinator) is doing much of the technical work. What am I doing, you ask, being a cashpoor technophobe?
Well, currently I am helping to update the website with fact checking - like which zip codes in Mississippi are deliverable by Fed Ex and UPS and which are not. Organizing readable shelter lists alphabetically, numerically, etc. Talking with Ms. NVH (not very helpful) at UPS. This requires a phone, web access, and much patience to wade through the automated responses I get when on the phone.
ANYWAY...please check out the following link and do what you can. Your donations - ANY donations- are much appreciated. GRACIAS!!!!!!!
there it is again - the link to how you can help.

Many of the things needed can be found in your own closets and garages (clothes, baby items, blankets, old towels, outgrown disposable diapers, etc...check the lists!) so the only expense you would have would be shipping, not shopping.....PLEASE START SORTING AND HELP NOW!!!
More info: ships free for any order over $25.00 - and it's only 3 bucks for 3 day shipping after that.
Also try

This is the sort of help that needs doing, not the uber-patriotic songs and schmaltz that seem to go hand in hand with wars and natural disasters.

And hey Grace....thanks for the gentle kick in the ass.
Here's my life.

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