Friday, February 10, 2006


Supergirl and I were driving to town today and she asked how old she was when Elijah died. I said she was almost three. She said, "I was too little to know if he would come back alive."
"I was too little to know that Elijah wouldn't come back alive. I didn't know how long it is to be dead forever."
"Oh. Yes, you were pretty young then."
"Yeah. But now I do know."


candy said...

Man...that's a lesson you never want them to learn, no matter how old they are. She's a trooper, that girl.

mamadaisy said...

That's a terrible thing to learn so young. Poor little honey.

Lisa Canter said...

wow that's a tearjerker -as if feeling your loss isn't enough - then to realize she felt her own. Yow - here's to remembering in a whole way - and to thinking that Elijah's spirit is smiling on you - knowing and feeling the love. I don't think I could survive such a loss. I commend you for keeping it all together enough to carry forward.
It was great meeting you at woolfcamp - loved your baby and cupcakes!