Friday, February 03, 2006

Its all good

Okay, when I was pregnant, I never for a minute thought that I would have to tell my somewhat reasonable, baby-loving 4 yr old to STOP POKING HER BROTHER IN THE FACE, FOR GODSAKES upwards of 10 times...a day!!! But poke she did, and exasperatedly yell, I did.
But our little grunting, snorting, burping, farting and pooping machine started smiling. And laughing. And watching the interpretive dancing of the afore-mentioned 4 yr old with great admiration and glee. Grinning that drooly silly grin right at her. And this, dear friends, makes ALL the difference in the world!!!
Supergirl was entertaining Bubbles in the fussybabybouncer the other day and was suddenly called out on Supergirl super business and she shouted breathlessly,"Mama! I have to go. If he gets fussy, please comfort him and I will be right back!"
And I got all warm and fuzzy and gave everyone I saw for the rest of the day hugs.

this entire post was created with the one hand that isn't holding the nursing baby!


brookeraymond said...

i'm impressed with your one-handed post. way to be a multi-tasker!

mamadaisy said...

one-handed comment:
so glad you are back and things are going well. your kids are absolutely beautiful.