Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sleep deprivation

HEREBY LET IT BE KNOWN, hitherto and henceforth, that there will be no* clinking of dishes or playing of instruments in the kingdom while the little prince naps.

There will be paper plates and outside play only.

*update 5/25: 'NO' shall now include, but not limited to: sneezing, coughing, phone ringing, phone answering, opening of loud crinkly packages such as trader joe's flaxseed corn chips, chewing loudly, arguing, laughing loudly, yeehaw-ing, whining, indoor hockey with a superball and a drumstick, beeping of the microwave, knocking on doors, flushing of toilet, OR earthquakes.

ANYone who so dares to breech this decree will most likely be beheaded by the queen herself.

(it is perfectly acceptable to issue death threats during my national death month)


Anonymous said...

You are lucky your little prince sleeps at all... My 2month old princess has decided that there will be no sleep from 6am until 3pm at which time I need to wake her & pick up 3yro princess from pre school!

Anonymous said...

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