Saturday, June 10, 2006

Good Thing One and Good Thing Two

Oh look - more goodness!!! Good Thing One and Good Thing Two!!! Yeah Abundance!

So, today is Supergirl's dance recital. And judging from yesterday's dress rehearsal, it should be pretty entertaining.
During the tap number, one of the little girls got so into marching forward (first time on the stage) that the helper in the wings literally THREW HER BODY in front of the line of tappers to keep the one from falling into space on her face. It's true, I have it on video!!
Much ado about tutus and tapping. Relatively low-key in the scheme of dance things, which is why we chose this mom-of-preschool-friend teacher. So I won't be backstage breaking their spirits, spraying their hair, or shrieking at them to SMILESMILESMILEDAMMIT!!! I won't even be applying make-up to my four year old's face (I will, however make her remove her butterfly tattoo from her forearm). I thought most of the mommies in my class shared that makeup thing. The anti-makeup thing,I suppose. Okay, I thought at least a couple of mommies. Okay, maybe just my one friend, but as long as her daughter didn't wear it I figured Supergirl would be fine. Alas! Even my dear friend is innocently betraying me by allowing her daughter to wear makeup at this afternoon's big perf. Sheeeit. Now if she caves I most certainly will have to let mine wear some lipgloss (ack!).

One word to describe this little being would be a difficult selection, but for now I am going to go with JOY. As in, brings it. As in IS it. This baby boy is so full of joy that he cannot wait to share it with the world at 6:15am. WHAT?
'Oh no,' say I, 'you haven't heard that we are the family who does NOT rise at 6:15 or even 7:15 unless catching a plane? If you must rise at 6:15am we will have to send you off to a family who will not eat you.'
'I'll take him', offers Julia, dear friend and mama of three. 'My kids are always up at 6:15.'
I seriously consider her offer.
'For how long? Can you teach him how to sleep?'
'Well, if I get him to sleep at night then I get to keep him.'
I think she is serious, so I will back off.
At least he wakes up jolly.

More words (see, not stuck today), more milestones, no time.
Thanks for tuning in for this brief update.


mamadaisy said...

gosh, i can hardly tell your kids are related. ahem. and yes, very cute, i must add.

i'm glad i only have boys so i don't have to deal with the lipstick thing (at least, in theory).

gwendomama said...

yep...we like to say we cloned her and stuck on the boy parts.

and yes - in theory you MAY be freed of the lipstick thing. at least at age 4.

Lin said...

Your children could NOT be any cuter. They are perfection!

Mary Tsao said...

Love the picture! They're so blonde and beautiful. And the eyes. Wow.