Friday, June 23, 2006

Them are driving words!

Supergirl called her best and oldest friend a loser. We were having dinner, together with OBfriend, her Dh, and their girls. I think they were pretty horrified at my daughter's choice of insults, and I am sure the relevance in its use was as inappropriate as her parroting it.
BUT, in my defense, may I say that 'LOSER' is what I had thoughtfully and carefully chosen as an alternative to 'YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE' - because I have this problem with my truck driver mouth when I am driving.
So I have tried again to contain myself and not use 'LOSER' as a driving command.
The other day I was driving Supergirl and her friend (a different one) to Happy Hollow, because school is now out and if every single day is not occupied with something fun and entertaining, Supergirl will drive everyone in her near vicinity CRAZY. So, on this particular outing, Supergirl and her friend were having a conversation about monsters. Friend said something supportive like, "Yeah, monsters are idiots!"
Supergirl made me proud by responding with, "You're not allowed to say that word unless you are driving. Idiot is a driving word."

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Jenijen said...

Driving words! I'm stealing that one! So bummed I couldn't meet up with you.