Monday, December 25, 2006

So this is Christmas

Happy Christmas to all.

I am not finding the time to post here from Pennsylvania; I am finding my family far too interesting and entertaining to have much time for that....besides chasing Bubbles around my brother's 15 room house.

I will post pictures soon - I could do it right now, actually having the technology at my fingertips, but another round of presents and another glass of wine are calling, so I claim laziness.

But the merriest, happiest to all.


Green Kitchen said...

I want to know what a 15 room house looks like. Do wee have those here?

Elizabeth said...

Merry Christmas, Gwendo!

mary said...

Happy New Year! Guess who signed up for class in January? That's right. See you soon -- can't wait to sing and make music with you again. Oh, and the kids, too.

elkit said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Gwendomama, and to your family and friends.
And here's to a fabulous bodacious 2007. Bring it on!