Thursday, January 11, 2007

In the market for safety

I paid six bucks to consumer reports today, just to find out which convertible car seat got the highest safety ratings. Believe it or not, I could not find those results (yes, you can find the results for the infant carseats, but not for the convertible carseats) or a password to a subscription anywhere on those internets. And here I am -having been forced by a giant rat who lives in my garage, and ate the aged old joesohs and half the britax carseat they were wedged in; the car seat that was intended for this child of mine, and re-appropriated it for its own little rat-family vacation condo - Here I am, having to buy a new car seat for the little guy.

It just occurred to me, of course, that I could have started here. Here on the blog. To ask if anyone else had a sub to consumer reports. damn.

Anyway, my point is, if anyone is interested in checking out anything at all at consumer reports, especially anything related to safety which should be free, please email me and I will oh so happily share with you my temporary membership. For one month.
Oh so very happily.


Tricia said...

How is it possible that we actually have the recommended infant car seats?

minnie said...

they recalled that report yesterday becasue of some tomfoolery in teh testing...

i think you can see consumer reports for free if you go to a library. i think... at least i remember that from when my mom worked in a public library way back when.

Anonymous said...

I am a serial lurker, and I'd love to know which car seat you ultimately went with because we're in serious need of one. :-)


~ Cynthia (The Lurker)

gwendomama said...

Britax roundabout.
#1 safety ratings.
Good convertible carseat (rear or forward facing).

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch! I've had it narrowed down to the Marathon or the Roundabout for way too long - just haven't gone and actually purchased one.

~ Cynthia

P.S. I know is sounds cheesy, but I do love your blog. :-)

Malana said...

Great work.