Thursday, January 18, 2007

Short Story

I am not short on material, just short on time to write the lengthy stories of: the crazy, unbelievable fight with the misogynist hotel guy, going to traffic court head to head with asshole stalker cop, driving up AND down Hwy 1 four days this week, Bubbles being explosively hilarious, Supergirl being so freaking good because she totally believed me when I said I was leaving her with my friend next time we went to Hawaii because she was so AWFUL on the plane from pittsburgh....etc.
BUT! My friend Geener just told me a story that is nice and concise!

She was chatting on the phone with Supergirl, and she asked her who was a faster driver, Mommy or Daddy?
She hemmed.
She hawed.
In other words, she paused.
Then she finally said, "Probably Mommy. Because Daddy doesn't know where he's going."

All of it.

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