Friday, April 27, 2007

Will you still love me...

...after I pimp myself out?

I am shamelessly promoting my li'l ole self.

Someone (?! Was it you?) nominated me for the Bloggers choice awards.
The category? Hottest mommy bloggers. I am pretty damn sure they don't mean hottest, as in 'hottie'.

Please raise my vote count from 0 to...well...I want at least all 11 of you who read this to vote. Twice.
We're gonna have to get busy. There's some serious over-achieving competition.

Alls you have to do is click:

...and then register....and then vote...for me...

I feel so dirty...


Christine said...

Yup, I still love you!

And nope, it wasn't me.

jenijen said...

love you
voted for you
you're kicking my ass because you are sizzlin' HOTT girl

whooooo hoooooo

Elizabeth said...

I saw you at BlogHer last year and I can personally attest to the fact that you are, indeed, HOTT!!

You need to change your badge code though, so it links directly to your page. This is the URL:

On the right is your URL, and who nominated you, and then a link that says Brag Badge: Get Code. That is your link. I voted for you!