Friday, July 20, 2007


Dear Beanie, aka Supergirl;

You are SIX years old today!
Happy! Birthday!

You, my dear, breathe life into me. You have from the moment you arrived. I have not written to you enough, written about you enough, given you equal time on this blog, or been fair and accurate in recording my overstuffed love for you.

I am sorry.

First of all, you have lived through so much in your six years, that you sometimes seem older than you should, blending yourself in with our daily patchwork of life's changes and demands, taking delight in your brother(s) as we do...and you become at times, the audience with me. And I don't record that as much, because at times, I really suck as a mommy.
Secondly, you have moments where words spill forth from your adorable little mouth like vinegar-soaked weasels, and since your brother does not yet talk, he has that advantage over you. Sorry. But fret not, that won't last much longer forever.
When you were a baby, you rarely smiled. For anyone else. It worried me a little bit, but in my heart I knew you were really fine, just being selective. And truly serious about absorbing it all. Now, of course, is a different story. You are way more silly. Which is a huge relief to me.

But you are, truly, the most amazing girl I could have ever imagined myself lucky enough to call her mama.

When you were born, my life turned right-side-up.
You made me a Mama, and this has turned out to be The Best part of my life, indeed.

I love you sooooo much.


sarafoop said...

Happy Birthday Supergirl!

What size does she wear?

Lin said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Supergirl!


Dottynana Lin xoxoxoxoxo

jenijen said...

Happy Birthday Supergirl! See you soon?

nailgirl said...

Happy birthday!!