Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I loves me a $4 shopping spree!

The BEST local thrift shop has all their merchandise 50% off on Tuesdays (except furniture, which is fine by me when it comes to used stuff), and the local farmers market is also on Tuesdays, so that makes it doubly fantastic and easy for me, which counts for a lot! It means I actually sometimes get there!

So yesterday? What booty did I score? Howabout two incredibly cool toddler sized Hawaiian-style shirts (because Bubbles sports those so incredibly well and we love them) and a set of Hawaiian overalls that are made of that rayon that is sort of swishy and dries in minutes! Ohyeah!

That shirt on the left? Butter soft rayon and check it! Dinosaurs with a volcanic palm tree
island - ohmygod the cuteness! And the one on the right? Super lightweight cotton with faux wood buttons and a retro canoe, hut and palm tree design.

Oh, I feel a trip to Hawaii coming on!

But that's not all! I also got a cookie press! I don't like pressed cookies so very much! But that's okay, because I really got it for the frosting capabilities it I detest working with pastry bags so much. Or maybe it is the cleaning of the pastry bags I hate so much. At any rate, check this out:
It came with a whole mess of cookie press tips AND frosting decorator tips AND it is as seen on TV - not that I have, personally.

Total cost for this thrift shopping indulgence? $4 plus tax. The clothes were normally $1 each, but hey - it was 1/2 off day. And the cookie/frosting press set me back $2.5o.
I still can't believe I got a dinosaur-lava shirt for 50c!
I am sure you will soon tire of seeing it in photo shoots.


nailgirl said...

love me some thrift stores.

mamadaisy said...

those are some mighty fabulous bargains, but i think going to hawaii might offset some of the savings...

Daisy said...

Fabulous. Just fabulous. I enjoy shopping the thrift stores with my brother and his wife; we shop in three different cities so we can hit all the best deals!