Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pink Fairy Cake/ Exploding Heads

Supergirl's party was a blast this weekend. I had to console myself with many IPAs and friends, as I was not able to attend the fabulous BlogHer 07 in Chicago (blew my wad in Salt Lake City). It seemed like a good weekend to have the party, even though I was sacrificing the attendance of one of my best homies (Jen) and her family. (She, of course, was in Chicago)
Luckily for me, another homie (and another Jen!) was not able to attend the midwestern festivities, and instead came to our celebration, bringing along her fairie-ness (do not forget to invite real fairies to your fairie-themed parties!) and her hot husband. Good thing, as they were there to carry and dance with the very large masks that our dear friend SolsticeDave has made for previous parties.
Also? The Lovely Woman Who Can Sew Anything and blogs about it brought her adorable chickies and an incredibly awesome pink supergirl dress (the 'S' logo? it is sparkly silver, could you imagine the perfect-ness?) that has already shot up to #1 in Supergirl's closet.


We invited about seventy people; usually we have about fifty show up, and this year it was maybe thirty. At first I worried (who would eat all that cake? last year? not enough cake! this year? too much. ohwell, who ever cared about having too much cake? shit! why can't my inner voice just get laryngitis?), but it turned out that I had a lot of fun, and a lot less running around this year! So, to all you who didn't make it? Umm...sure we missed you! But really, that's okay. Next year, please do come, really, and bring a salad - we were a little short on those this year.
In case I haven't made this point, this party is not just for Supergirl's birthday - we tell her this, too, so she doesn't expect that many people every year - but also a bit of a replacement for the summer solstice parties we used to throw. As party-throwing goes, we have our limits.
Anyway, this post narrowly missed being another big fat 'you're not gonna believe this grudge', but I was too pissed to write about it yesterday. Yesterday being Grudge Tuesday.
The day after the party, I asked dh for the new camera to find the photos of the crazy pink rainbow fairie castle cake (that Supergirl helped me with this year!) and share them with the dear internets. He had it last at the party. In his pocket.
He 'forgot' to find it and went for a hike. The next day, I asked for the camera. Oh my, it seems it was not in his pocket. Or on the table where he SWORE he left it. Or in the kids art box which was also on that table, or in the top of the recycling can (would we he need to dig to the bottom?) Or up his ass. You see where this is going?
The camera was missing.
Or Lost. Again.
And? The photos? Of the party? And the cake?
Right after I had this huge deja vu moment (the bad kind), my head exploded. I was that upset.
Then I wrote a post in my thusly exploded head that involved a photo of his head - on a platter. But I don't know photoshoppe so I was needing some help there; it was holding my post up!
Things were tense.
Thanks to h-bee-oh, there was some very juicy distraction on so I didn't have to kill him with my exploding head.
About two hours ago I was doing The Nasty Laundry (you know the category of which I speak if you are a mom), trying not to breathe through my nose too much, and dh came in holding something behind his back. He was smiling.
Obviously, his untimely death had been avoided by the discovery of The Camera. It was in an outbuilding we call 'the pod' where it turns out, he had actually taken it out of his pocket and set it down there when wrestling with our toddler.
Things have now settled down here at Casa de Gwendo. And my head? No longer exploded.


Geener said...

I'm sorry I missed seeing you and having that delicious faerie cake! Maybe this weekend at Chez Orion? I want to get SuperGirl's take on some of the out-of-town guests.

chris said...

My daughter just caught a glimpse of the cake and now would like to come live with you.
So happy that you were able to find the camera AND put your head back together ;-)

sarafoop said...

It was a spectacular cake and a great party. Your friends are all neat people too and Kaia had an absolute ball. Thanks for the invite!

Daisy said...

"Why can't the voices in my head get laryngitis?" I love it!! I feel that way much too often.