Sunday, August 19, 2007

Inappropriate frosting tools

This is about my new favorite frosting decorator. I hate (as in *HATE*) using decorator bags, because I hate washing them. Ick. Butter is good for eating, not so much on the washing up.
Anyway, I was lamenting to Jen recently that I could not find a good frosting decorator like the one my mom used to use, --->>>>
just an old aluminum one that was a very perfectly-sized cylinder with a plunger. Because that one I bought for so cheap? Totally sucks because it keeps clicking and dispensing it's own favorite amount of frosting, not my own favorite amount of frosting.
I mean, who's the boss here?

Anyway, about the next day after I was talking to Jen (who totally believes in the manifesting thing and I do not so much on that, because I think Rhonda Byrne is a fucking idiot who thinks I manifested my child's own death, but I do respect Jen and am certainly not above jumping on her wagon of manifesting bounty) and , I happened to go to a party in the great city, passing Daiso along the way, and I couldn't exactly pass by Daiso, so Supergirl and I ran in quickly for a look around and, after having a bit of a cry that they were out of wild swans....I found it! A cheap plastic replica of my mom's old decorator! And because it was at Daiso, it was $1.50.
If I had known it would work so freaking well, I certainly would have bought at least three!

And, in another shining example of just how mature I am, hello???
Are you laughing like I was when I said "Cream Squeezer" over and over?
Not even just a little bit?

Well, then you should go eat some of these. They are fudge filled.


nakedjen said...

that original frosting tool? the one that you your mama used to use? it turns out that they call it an icing syringe. and that they still make and sell them in the UK. so guess what? the next time i go there (and we know that will be soon) i am getting us about a dozen. a whole suitcase filled with them. because every place i contact wants more to ship it to my house than it costs. and i can't see paying 35 pounds to ship an item that costs 5. but i'm so going and getting us each enough to last us until we both perish from consuming TOO much frosting made from butter.

yummmmmm. butter.

have you all had gwendomama's frosting? i swear it has magical healing properties!an

sarafoop said...

Oh dear, I think I woke the baby AND peed my pants. Snort. Cream squeezer!

radioactive girl said...

Too funny! Cream squeezer. I'm not known for being mature, but that really cracked me up!

Daisy said...

Cream squeezer. Snicker. I usually use a ziploc bag with the corner cut out -- for FROSTING, people, frosting!!