Friday, June 01, 2007

If you take your kids to the Japanese dollar store and tell them they can pick anything out...

This was found in the toy aisle at Daiso, next to the pretend inflatable breasts for small boys. No, I am not kidding. Go see for yourself. (Next time I promise I will bring my camera!)
It's called an inflatable wild swan.
I am not sure if it is for putting on your tutu and staging an impromptu production of 'Swan Lake', or..umm, for dirty old leering men?

I am not quite sure of its purpose.

These directions confused me even more:

Anyone out there read Japanese?
I am speechless.
But whatever it is, what a great value for $1.50, no?

Update 6/3 : Thank you SaraFoop for THIS partial translation, and THIS very relevant clip. I understand a wee bit better now. And you, Sara? You are search queen of the internet!


sarafoop said...

Wow. That's really...special.
A little googling gets me this:

Partial translation:


Anonymous said...

I love *love* LOVE your bento pics! I live in Sac and my husband and I used to go to J-town all the time and eat at the curry place on the bridge and hit up the bookstore and market before coming home. Seeing your creations and "goods" is uber nostalgic for me. It's so "home" to me! Thanks for sharing!