Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why they don't let me come more than once a week

So, this morning I was putting my waning time in at Supergirl's kindergarten.

The teacher says, "Supergirl's mommy is going to teach us a song in Spanish now!"
Supergirl says "YAY!!"
Emily says "I LOVE Supergirl's mom!!"
Sam says "Supergirl's mom used to be my music teacher when I was in preschool!"
And Molly says, VERY LOUDLY, "I saw a picture of Supergirl's mom NAKED with a BIG FAT BELLY!! And she was NAKED!!"


theotherbear said...

too funny.... and very intriguing!

Geener said...

I've seen Supergirl's mom naked a bunch of times. I'm just sayin'...