Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bustin my bento

I have not been posting lately because it is too painful to have this new obsession that is so very visual, and not be able to take pictures of it.

BUT...the new camera is supposed to arrive tomorrow (cue: choir of angels)!!!

There was the usual discussion before purchase wherein he wants to get the 'newer better thing' and I just want to replace 'the original lost thing':
"no thank you, i do not want that OTHER camera that is supposedly BETTER, i want THAT ONE, yes THAT ONE. JUST THAT ONE. yes, the ELPH. no, not the bigger other one. or the smaller other one. no, listen to me...the ELPH. yes. THAT ONE! yes. now click!"

But when he saw the little lunch I put together for Supergirl the other night, he said 'OH my god no WONDER you need a camera!" and got right online and clicked! He ordered me (er, us) a fantastic one - the one I wanted. (big, big points)

So...the obsession...I guess I can say that the gateway drug for me was Ichiban Kan and the first bento I purchased there, which was inspired by the hopes of creating more waste-free lunches for Supergirl.

Now I find myself trying to make food very cute every school night.

So, instead of taking pictures of the fabulous manifestations of my new obsession, I have been able to spend hours discovering that there are many others with this sickness.

And there is another store I will be visiting as soon as possible. One that can fulfill my absolute NEED for some of these (these, that mold the hard boiled eggs):

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jenijen said...

oh, damn you and your bento-lust inducing posts! now i wanna do it, too. must put our heads together this summer to make plans for the fall school lunches.