Thursday, May 24, 2007

I was serious about the bento

Okay, I am not thrilled with the new camera. It is far too heavy for my delicate hands (ha).
But we are giving each other a trial period.

Bento for tomorrow? Dried mango/seaweed/ TJ's chocolate coated sunflower seeds, watermelon/nectarines/blueberries, chicken quesadilla/carrots/cukes/sour cream and ranch for dipping, and a swiss cheese bunny.


jenijen said...

will you be my mom? i promise to eat all my seaweed (will sg eat seaweed? i'm so jealous)

Jennie-Lynn said...

My sentiments exactly jenijen! Will you pack my lunch gwendomama? Yum Yum! And it looks soooo good, too!

nakedjen said...

no one has packed my bento box with such loveliness. in fact, dearsweetdave asked me why i even NEEDED one?

he clearly needs to learn about cheese bunnies.

i am sorry about the camera! which one did you have before? i have two here. my newest one feels just as small as my older one. nak

gwendomama said...

yes, SG DOES eat seaweed- she LOVES the stuff- when we go to hawaii we have to come back loaded with it.

DSDave clearly has a few things to learn about bento. if someone packed HIM a cheese bunny, he might get it.

the camer i lost was the canon powershot SD300- the new one is the 800, then i hate it so dh ordered the 1000.....