Friday, May 04, 2007

Projectile Vomiting is for Babies

Dear Lady Who Sells Tamales Out Of Your Blue Cooler:

I hate you.

Excuse me, I must go now.



sarafoop said...

Ohh, that sounds miserable. Do you need anything?

jenijen said...

oh honey

want me to take her out for you?


Lin said...

You know, I went upmarket for my tamales. No lady with a blue cooler. No, I went to Vallarta Supermarket and bought stuff I'd never heard of before and it was delicious and I feel lucky. I did scrub the fruit, though. I bought close to five bags full of groceries for $24. I think I'll go back!

I felt like some kid out of school. We live on mostly organic, free range, gently grown stuff and going to Vallarta was like a teenage act of rebellion.


And feel better, sweetie. xoxoxoxo