Monday, June 18, 2007

Don't get me started. I've had THREE kids who hate food.

Why is it that some pediatricians are more readily willing to think that mothers are inept and ignorant?
Because I just saw The Other pediatrician (not mine, who, sadly for us, is going on the longest maternity leave in the world), and when I said that my son does not like to eat any food other than milk, he instantly assumed that I was not offering him anything other than milk, and proceeded to lecture me on how and what to feed a toddler.

Did you hear that? That was me screaming.


Anonymous said...

I can surely relate to that. I actually had a pediatrician (not our usual one) inform me that despite WHO recommendations, breastfeeding past 1 year is really inappropriate and unnecessary. She said those suggestions were really more for those in third world countries. She couldn't imagine that someone like myself, living in America, could be so uneducated and ignorant about my children's nutrition. She then started writing about my ignorance on my son's chart. I left without even putting his diaper on. And he peed in her hallway.

Celeste said...

wow...i can totally relate. my daughter who is 17 months now will only eat beans. BEANS of all things. and she wants to nurse 24/7, which i have no problem with except for that she won't eat anything! ...but beans that is.