Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Grudge Tuesday. I saved this sucker for 2 days.

So, if you are the person who (insert synonym for)'misplaced' his job, and in your desperate attempts to not make any changes to your lifestyle that may require you to leave the comfort of your own home office and perhaps be forced to interact with humans with some regularity (some in this house might see the results of this as a bonus), then you might make an only-half-joking comment about how your wife better launch those two new blogs that her brain invented so that she (alone) can support the family, and she might let it slide for now because you are in such shock about the job thing and she is allowing you two whole weeks of shock.

But if you are that person, and then the very next day you are drinking scotch with a friend from your perch high over the yard where you claim you can 'watch the kids', but in fact you are not watching or seeing your child toddle up the driveway, and your wife - who happens to be inside cooking for you and the friends who are there; making things like pecan and apricot stuffed brie, marinated chicken, and a huge-ass time consuming salad - comes outside for the third time and yells at you to in fact watch the child who she can plainly see is headed up the driveway (because she is just a multi-tasker like that), then may I suggest to you that hollering down the hill in defense of your own ineptitude, "What are you doing anyway? Are you cooking or are you blogging?"
is not an appropriate response.


Green Kitchen said...

Sounds like he's not worth much. Is that too mean?

Lin said...

I'm sure he's a doll but suffers periodically from just being a man. Whythefuck don't men know just exactly when to STFUP?

If you've got an answer to that, send me an email, ASAP.

Thanks, kid (and I'll keep my fingers crossed that he finds something good soon. xoxoxox

sarafoop said...

Could you smack him upside the head a couple of times for me?

mamadaisy said...

damn, girl, you best git back in the kitchen and fix that man a sammich!

i am always amazed at the inept comments that slip so easily from the mouths of certain men. why don't they learn?

MFA Mama said...


This is why I don't re-read my old blog posts. They make me want to go back in time and leave The Y sooner.

Like as soon as I got pregnant with #3.