Tuesday, June 19, 2007

(no words)

Holding your baby as his breath disappears, as the warmth drains from his body, as his essence/soul/spirit somehow begins to envelop you, and you look down into his still and perfect face and wonder what you could be holding if he is holding you....
...knowing this feeling is something I would wish on no one, ever.

Kate (of sweet-salty) has lost her son Liam. He came onto this earth for just one month to share his wisdom. And then he flew away.
And she now begins her own journey back to the world of the living - but her world is that of Everything Changed Forever. Please be gentle to yourself, Kate. Words can never express the agony I know you feel right now. I am sorry.

(my grudge this Tuesday? That babies die.)

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Anonymous said...

Aptly titled....
the death of a child is too horrible to be measured or conveyed by language.

Kate, I don't know you, but please be good to yourself.