Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rushed bento

So, this morning was a bit rushed, as I had spent a good part of the evening at urgent-care (more on that later) and because of that, Supergirl had had a sleepover (on a school night!) at her friend's house. (that would be courtesy of her mommy, my nice friend who offered to have her!) Since Wednesdays are a minimum day, in lunch world, it is also a 'hearty snack day'.
So I didn't feel too guilty as I hauled my mysteriously aching and fatigued bod downstairs to throw something average together for daddy to take over to the school. But that is why this picture sucks. The bell was ringing and the box had to go to school, photo or not.

The results: dried strawberries, babybel cheese, nori rice crackers,
apple slices with peanut butter in a reusable silicon tub and a disposable 'happy animals' film cover, toasted nori and the EPITOME* of lucky lunch: a frozen yokids tube! The tube doesn't fit in the bento box, but it tucks into the elastic strap nicely.

*It seems that the more I hate the environment (by way of using overpackaged goods such as these yogurt tubes), the more my daughter thinks I love her.
Hmmm....Must work on that.

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