Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of School: We got through it.

Today was an awesome day. Or it should have been. I pretended it was; I am pretty sure my kids didn't notice I was crying...though they probably did notice that I was short with them this morning to stop changing shirts and ZOMG you are kidding you lost your mp4 player already??? In a perfect world, they would have had to deal with neither tears nor short tempers, but their world, like most of ours, is not perfect.

Today Supergirl started third grade with a teacher everyone loves and about whom everyone raves. Every year, this uber-creative teacher stages a fantasy world in her classroom. Last year, it was 'Treasure Island' and this year, it's 'Where the Wild Things Are'. Supergirl was excited and nervous; so many things may change for us with a move in the future, I think it was hard for her to digest it all. She looked so cute - a very generous friend had taken her shopping for a first-day-of-school-outfit, and she was completely put together. She's going to show off her un-pierced ears and then get them pierced soon so she can have the thrill of telling everyone.

There's a new principal at our school, so everyone was apprehensive and excited to meet her. She seems very nice, which is a good sign for upcoming IEPs.
But there is no getting around the stigma of being asked for a copy of the custody and restraining orders, and there was no way to circumvent the lump in my throat as I was asked to provide a picture of the father for the new principal.





First day of school, I should have photos of all of us on our way to school (not that he was into the ritual).
I should not have to provide photos to the school of who can not pick up our children.

I cannot lie, I am angry about this. I am angry that he put himself, our children, and me in this position.

I composed myself to take Bubbles to his new preschool down the hill. Excitement, apprehension, friends, toys, new teachers....WOW! I got a kiss from Bubbles within five minutes of his arrival. "Bye-bye Mommy, I think you go now."

Turning in paperwork at the office this time I was prepared.
"Yes, I will bring in a photo."

I barely flinched.


Mama Deb said...

These are great photos of the kiddos. Now that Bubbles is in school, will I ever get to see these precious children of yours?!!
Let's definitely plan a weekend where we can drive down the coast to play. Hug to you.

Monica said...

Can I just say how much I love bubbles hair.

Jess said...


You remember your mantra's for the kiddos? How about trying to apply them to yourself for a wee bit? And, I know it isn't at all the same, but we in blog land are sending you love and holding you gently as you get through this.


gwendomama said...

Deb: You won't come to class? Preschool??

Monica: That is after a trim and a brush. I swear.

Jess: Point taken; I'll try.

Nicolene said...

Congrats on getting over another hurdle. :)

Linda said...

your precious little people.

llhughes said...

what???? I meant to say that I am thinking alot about you and...

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