Friday, August 07, 2009

More Big Fun (Or: How I spent my summer with no money)

I am thinking about which Big Fun to have next....

We went to Big Fun Park (also known as 6 Flags) yesterday. The last time we were there was on April 10th, the day before 'The Incident', so it was certainly a milestone. I had probably underestimated the amount of memory-induced processing and pain it would cause for Supergirl, however the closure and ability to move on was worth it. After about 10 minutes of moping, all was well again.
We met The BOS and her family there, to help celebrate the Frankinator's 7th birthday. I
recommend always meeting or bringing someone to these things so you can split up and ride age and/or height appropriate rides.

Supergirl will usually consent to riding the baby rides with her brother, and posed on 'The Boring Train' with him. Check out miss 8 year old bershon.

Thank goodness for The BOS snapping this photo of her, proving she did actually have some fun and smile.

There was some new ad campaign (I suppose?) which entailed many brightly colored signs with strange and crudely crafted, vaguely threatening messages. From a fucking sandwich spread. Which is pretty much mayonnaise with paprika and high fructose corn syrup. If you 'get it' or are some marketing freak wizard, please let me know what I am missing here.

All that Bubbles wanted to do was play in the fountain in Thomas Land. He ran around for a good 45 minutes while the bigger kids rode roller coasters, and until he was shivering and a lovely shade of cobalt.

I love free fun. Okay, so I paid for the season passes, it isn't really free, but it felt free, because I had paid for it months ago. Since I am a master at sneaking bringing in our own snacks, I spent a grand total of $8 while in the park - and that was on the 'prize every time' hammer game. Supergirl won a large stuffed snake and Bubbles won a Superman cape.


Ben and Bennie said...

We're definitely all about free fun these days. And I HATE fucking Miracle Whip. I mean why would you want to screw up mayonnaise? Sort of like what's the point of Pepsi?

Just Breathe said...

You did an awesome job only spending $8.00. I think your yearly pass was a great purchase.
Go often, it's free now!

KJ said...

I like to say: If it's for free, it's for me.

My Fair Lady and I are headed to La Traviata in the park at 6. A little opera, a little crawling around on the grass, a little wine for mama... what could be better?

Free wine, maybe?

Mama Deb said...

I am so happy they ended up having a good time. I couldn't stop thinking about them that day!! I was worried over their not-typical solemness. (is that a word??!)
Hope to see you all soon.

Monica said...

wohooo for free fun! Season passes rule.

Always Home and Uncool said...

Ah, The Whip. It's as white as America gets.

Headless Mom said...

I love you and miss you, and am sooo glad that you guys are having some fun. Do it more often, ok?

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