Friday, September 04, 2009

Apraxia Boy at New Preschool

Bubbles, after shaking his teacher's hand goodbye at the end of circle time (oh yes, I do love that manners are included in preschool!): MAMA!! I have a GREAT school! I have a great day at my school!

Me: Oh, that makes me so happy to hear! You like your new school?

Bubbles: I like my school! My school is great!

Language and concept development has tripled in the past few months. He was able to tell me his high opinion of his new school, describe a past action sentence, and sum up his thoughts into a emphatic comment about his school, using different combinations of synonymous words.

Go, Bubbles!!


Monica said...

I love this!! Way to go, Bubbles.

Shea's Mom said...

A big, fat, happy smooch for both of you.


Wish us luck!


Cindy said...

Preschool officially endorsed by Bubbles. Doesn't get better than that. He rocks!

Headless Mom said...

So thrilled for his, and YOUR success! He's going to do just fine. (But we knew that didn't we?)

jess said...

Very very awesome mama, and very very amazing Bubbles. I'm glad the new school was a hit.

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