Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Barely Flinched (and then I had to giggle, because this is what my life has become)

Yesterday morning as I dropped her off at school:

Supergirl: Mama! I told just one person about how you and Daddy had a big fight and then Daddy hurt you, is that okay?
Me: Umm, it's okay. But who did you tell?
Supergirl: Jeff. Because he sits next to me. Are you mad?
Me: No,'s fine. (note to self to call Jeff's mom)
Supergirl: (as she is running away from the car to class) Oh Mom? I also told Kaleb. He sits on the other side.

Me: .... (note to self to call Kaleb's mom, and also the teacher to ask her to please leave her at that desk for a while.)


MFA Mama said...

Conversation from my older kids' bedroom at bedtime the other night:

TLA: Mommy what happened to the ring you used to wear, with the diamonds?
Me: Well, I had to sell that when we needed money after Daddy left, plus that was a ring that had to do with being married and I'm going to be divorced soon so I couldn't really wear it anyway.
TLA: I'm sad. You deserve a pretty ring like that.
Me: Well maybe someday I'll get married again and get an even NICER one!
TLA: That would be nice. But...mommy? Does it cost a lot of MONEY to get married?
Me: It costs a lot MORE to get divorced...
TLA: Why, did you have to pay the cops to come and take Daddy away?

And then I died. The end.

Anonymous said...

God help the kids who have to live through domestic violence. Men who do this should be put in jail for a very long time since they have basically destroyed their kids' lives.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I'm glad you were able to giggle afterwards. And I'm glad she's finding friends to talk this out with.

Evie_Edlund said...

Honestly, I think kids handle things more easily than adults do.

Just out of curiosity... why do you make phone calls to those kids parents?

Miss Grace said...

I love you Gwen. You around this weekend? Either Saturday or Sunday Gabey and I or going up to the city, but not both, so on the day that we're not? Playdate?

Shea's Mom said...

It always makes me marvel how resilient kids are.

Yours is too.

You have done good work. Breath and then keep at it.


jessicabold said...

I mean, at least she's open and honest. That's a good thing.

Magpie said...

GOOD for you for finding the humor in it. :) You hang in there and keep your chin up. I read back through some of your blog and words can't express the sorrow and sympathy I'm feeling for you. You are strong and amazing!!!!!

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