Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Fractured

Today I found out that the doctor at the urgent care facility which I went to a week ago for a shoulder injury couldn't really read X-rays.
I was referred to an orthopedic PA, who pulled the X-rays up on the computer moments after I arrived in his office first thing this morning.
"Well, what you've got is a greater tuberosity fracture."

(.........................................there was a long pause..............................................)

And infused with the superpower of denial, I replied, "But it's not broken right?"

Oh yes I did.
Then I cracked up.
Oh - pardon the pun - I am not used to being fractured in this way.
He went on to say, "If you took a hard boiled egg and tapped it on the counter, it would crack the shell in different directions. That's the top of your humerus right now."
(please spare me those jokes which I do NOT find humorous)

My advice to you today is twofold:
  • Do NOT slip on a broken muddy railroad tie when carrying a huge armload of firewood, thus falling directly onto your shoulder as your arms were too slow to release the wood, and,
  • Do NOT live in a remote area 20-30 minutes from town if you are going to break something which renders you incapable of driving.

You're welcome.


Jennifer said...

Well, when you do it you do it good! Hope you heal quickly, and try to take it easy!

Jennifer said...
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Miss Grace said...

Oh honey! You need a break! (No pun intended honestly)

jenijen said...

Oh shit. I CAN"T believe they didn't catch that last week?

I'll give you a call tomorrow xo

Janice said...

You can't be injured, you are a single mother!!

(From another single mother, who remembers falling down, with that thought shouting in my brain.)

Heal fast. I am sending you healing thoughts.

Alexicographer said...

Oh no! Ouch! Good advice, and hope you heal quickly.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

oh babe.

suckage to the power of a bajillion.

But my captcha word is vulva... so that is gotta count for some awesome points.

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Balancing Barb said...

sorry to hear about your fracture. Parenting is hard enough with a fixed body, can't imagine doing it with a fractured bone causing pain. UGH.

Sophie said...

Ouchies! And thanks for the advice.. Will keep it in mind...


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