Sunday, June 26, 2011

Inappropriately Excessively Fun Pool Time

Today we went to The Pool.

There was a stop involved, before The Trip to The Pool.

We picked up some noodles.

Friend + Self + 4 kids + 4 noodles = inappropriately excessive pool fun.

For instance, Friend and Self could be heard to utter any of the following phrases at any time during our pool time:

Put that noodle down.

Keep your noodle to yourself.

Nobody wants to be whacked with your noodle.

Stop poking your noodle into other people, or I will have to remove your noodle.

I don't care why you just knocked a glass off of the table; 'My noodle just got too big' is not a very good reason for losing control of your noodle.

Put your noodle down in the car; it's dangerous to go waving your noodle around when people are driving.

If you don't stop touching his noodle, I will take all the noodles away from everyone!

I am not sure how I feel about everyone having noodles.


Sophie said...

Sounds awesomely inappropriate!!! :)

maplesyrup said...

OMG! That is awesome!
I saw Bubbles at the pool with R. the other day-- your kid is so freakin' cute! I hope I get to see you this summer!

Tigger said...

Who knew pool time could be so full of innuendo? :) Sounds like you had a blast - I'm very happy for you!

SisterSister said...

I am encouraged by you. You've been through so very much but still manage life. I recently had my children's father arrested for domestic battery...finally. I've been kind of blowing in the breeze since then. Not sure what's best. Not always trusting my own judgement. Thanks for your blog that shows me there are easier times to come even when things look bleak.
btw...all 3 of your kiddos or GORGEOUS.

Anonymous said...

They are wise words of advice though.