Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy Birthday to Tiny Boy

Four years ago today, you gave me the greatest gift - that of yourself.
Thank you.


jenijen said...

xoxoxoxo thanks for sharing your poems

love you

Anonymous said...

Oh my that gorgeous boy - he chose wisely. He chose the perfect mother for him. An open and fiercely protective person that utterly LOVES him.
Happy birthday.

mamadaisy said...

just thinking about you. i hope you are holding up ok.

Elizabeth said...

Every time I see his photo, I am just blown away by how blonde and shiny his hair was. My heart is aching for you.


Rachel Rischpater said...

He's perfect and beautiful, my heart aches for you... I don't know why but I think of him often. I only met him once and even then I thought he looked beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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