Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hello, Six! (Go away; those 4 months left of Five are still rightfully mine!)

Supergirl and friend are doing an excessive - even for them - amount of whispering, murmuring, giggling, darting looks over their shoulders.

I take a chance on remnants of their early childhood innocence (aka purity, honesty),
"What are you girls chatting about?"

Supergirl doesn't lose a second before replying,"Rainbows and unicorns!"
She is unable to mask her pride at her own cleverness, and they cackle giggle wildly as they exit.

Wow, they really ARE quite sneaky! All the same, I have to hide how impressed I am and suppress my own snort.


meno said...

it just gets worse too.

Jennie-Lynn said...

Oh how I miss that! And I'm one of the lucky ones that are on the other end of the "whispering..." Sorry...I can't tell! I'm sworn to secrecy! That's what Aunt's are for!!!!! Cherish and have fun with those last 4 months!

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