Monday, October 22, 2007

I wish I had more time to drink beer write this

I don't write much when I am in a downslope. Notice I didn't say 'depressed'. I save that for the big shit.
When I can barely make sense of what is in my head, it is hard for me to write about it. I say that now, but later I will probably say something like 'writing is how I can make sense of what is in my head'. You heard it here first. I make no sense whatsoever, ever.
I didn't fly back east. I feel like shit about that. If I had gone, I would have probably felt the same way. As would the angry passenger seated next to me and my large and strength-filled lap child. So that.
And the other reason I don't get to blog as much as I want to is that (true mom confession) I really like to relax and have more than just a quick moment at the computer, and the time that Bubbles takes a nap is not so appropriate to 'havin a beer and bloggin'. More like, 'time to return all those business calls I hate to make'.
So I'm back. And guess what?
I've signed up again for NaBloPoMo again, so I am now back, and way more filling.

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