Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This Is Some Scary Shit

My cousin Kim died from MRSA.
Most people don't really know what MRSA is (it is: Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), yet, according to this article in the SF Chronicle, the number of deaths due to these 'superbugs' this year, may exceed those caused by AIDS.

Does that scare you? It should.


Green Kitchen said...

She died because she went to a hospital. I'm scared.

JaniceNW said...

As a person who is going into the healthcare field, it does scare me. MRSA is extremely difficult to treat and they can't seem to figure out how to prevent it in hospital settings. Though one can get it anywhere, a boy from the other side if King county got the infection from a soccer field he was playing on. The best prevention is to keep washing your hands. I know that sounds silly, but it works much of the time.

I'm so sorry about your cousin.

Sandi said...

so sorry! MRSA is terrible.

mamadaisy said...

i'm so sorry. it is scary.

my mother in law caught MRSA when she was being treated for breast cancer. she followed a very strict handwashing/scrubbing regimen to avoid spreading it to her family members, and after a few months her body was able to fight it off. it wasn't easy, though.

i'm so sorry about your cousin.