Saturday, December 27, 2008

On the third day of bloody headwound.....

OH MY SWEET JESUS hates me give me a break.

Bubbles got this from Santa (maybe Satan Santa hates me).

And that, combined with a really stupid catapult-the-baby-brother-from-the-pillar 'idea' of his sister's, resulted in this:

(What you don't see here is the picture of my absolutely calm grim and blood-covered face)

And one visit to the nearest urgent care facility. Where the doctor took one look at my surly child and suggested that we would have 'better luck' if we cleaned out his wound.

This is not blood. Just the betadine solution.

'Better luck' apparently meant that one parent would hold him down while the other parent inappropriately took pictures tortured him with small gauze squares.

(I should have been a nurse. Except that I almost threw up three times while cleaning it.)

Then the doctor came back in and snipped a few bloody hairs out of his way and glued the wound shut. (Seriously? For $150 I get to clean it out myself and some glue??)

He was pissed.

She is so grounded.

(As in, her favorite gifts have been taken away and she is grounded from everything.)
(Yes, everything, and please pity me, because guess who suffers the whining?)

The end.


Julia said...

oy. Oy. OYYYYYYY!!!!!!

And I can just hear the whining. Epic, I presume. Good luck with it, and I hope Santa swings by for a return visit bearing a bunch of cocktails to relax you while simultaneously fortifying the will.

Poor kiddo. Poor mommy.

Kelley said...

Holy shit.

Moo cut her head open when she was a toddler. I swear I thought her brain would fall out there was so much blood.

Took her to the hospital and they did the same thing. Superglue.

So I know how you felt when you got there babe. But for me it was free. Na na nana na...

Sorry. Hugs babe.

Cindy said...

OMG-just LOOK at that sassy repentant look on her face!!

Yes, you should have been a nurse. I've heard the barfing urges goes away.

Glad everyone is alright. :(

Vicus Scurra said...

Yes, but did you have a good Christmas?

MFA Mama said...

OHHOLYNIGHT...Supergirl looks DECIDEDLY unsorry, hahahaaa...poor Bubbles. He looks REALLY pissed. Here's hoping the whining abates soonest (did you burn Polly Pocket in effigy? Or better yet, just burn Polly Pocket?). xox

mamadaisy said...

oh yes, definitely grounded. a friend of mine once cancelled easter because her kids threw a milkshake at the back of her head while she was driving. sorry, easter bunny is NOT coming.

on a happier note, at our house we have been singing on the whatever day of xmas by true love gave to me:

7 butts a leaping
6 butts a dancing
4 calling butts
3 french butts
2 turtle butts
and a partridge in a butt tree

it makes everything better, i swear.

Elizabeth said...

oh, poor Bubbles! And yeah, what is up with you having to clean the wound yourself, doc comes in for 2 minutes to apply surgical glue, wham bam that will be $150? You could have done that at home with super glue! lol

Hope the rest of your holiday is wound free! xoxo Elizabeth

Lunasea said...

Ooohhh, poor baby! I can't believe they made you clean it yourself. Poor all of you ('cept Supergirl)!

Mama Deb said...

Ouchies. Poor bubbles :(

Tracey said...

Holy hell, it could have been so much worse... Thank God he's ok!

And, wait. YOU cleaned it out??? WTF?

RoseRedHoofbeats said...

OH WOW! Poor Bubbles!

Yeah... they don't use stitches on scalp wounds unless they're really big because the skin is so tight... if it makes you feel any better it's uber-special sterile glue?

But seriously, he made YOU DO IT? If that had been my baby all I would have been able to do is clutch her and wibble.

Tricia said...

Ouch... and Yikes!

Linda said...

Ouchy my ouchy. Poor, poor boy.And heads they bleed like a mofo.
Give him a big hug for me.

Vodka Mom said...

oh sweet jesus.

The people at our emergency room know me by name. dammit.