Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Have A Fear of Big Cats In This Family

We have been lucky enough to stay at a very generous friend's cliff house on the north Sonoma coast - it is the perfect getaway for a weekend, and we spend our time soaking in the oversize hot tub, playing games with the kids (no TV or wi-fi!) and hiking when weather permits.

This weekend marked our second visit up there, and I loved being there as much in stormy weather as I did in our 80 degrees heatwave a few weeks ago.
The drive, however, is freakishly scary in a wind and hail storm, so we waited the storm out an extra day and played vacation house for a long weekend.

In one of the storm respites, we managed to get the kids to walk up the road to what we call 'Fairyland', a very large natural cave system created by windblown cypress trees on the edge of a cliff. Apparently, since our last visit to the Fairyland, Bubbles created his own version of what those caves really hold.

He ran into the darkness of a cave and came running back, dramatically shouting, "Oh NO! Lions! LIONS! Dere's a LION!! In da CAVE! Gonna GETCHYOU!! RUN RUN RUN!!"
I played along with him for a few minutes, then he kept talking about it and worked himself into a froth and started panicking for real. Of course, all I could do was giggle and videotape his terror.

Here, he warns me about the Lion coming out of the cave and how it is going to eat my pictures (my camera). Luckily (or, disappointingly, depending how you look at it), only Supergirl and Daddy emerged from the cave. I have no idea where he gets it, and I am quite sure it has nothing to do with my fear of San Francisco tigers.


Lynnbug said...

That looks like a beautiful place. You are soo lucky! Just make sure you keep far away from the lions!

Squid said...

Please tell me where please please we were to have a Ft. Ross day on Monday but then Leo barfed and slept all day and the heavens poured buckets.

Glad to hear about you having a wondrous and pleasurable family break.

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHDORABLE. Seriously, SOO cute.

Linda said...

Oh Bubbles...
Actually he would be more "scare-dy" of me, cause I would so take a bite out of that cuteness.

Tracey said...

Listen to that boy!! His speech is wonderful, Gwen!

But the poor little guy. He really was scared! :)

Mama Deb said...

He's cute even when he's scared!
And he got a haircut...did you get the dreads out of the back?!