Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What is in my head at this very moment, all at once and getting crowded.

  • Bubbles will qualify for kindergarten this year but should not, under any circumstances actually go to kindergarten. Everyone agrees. Principals, prospective K teachers, and his speech therapist. In November, a state bill is likely to pass which will make most K teachers very happy: No more children starting kindergarten when they are four.
  • If it passes, the change will affect children beginning school in 2012. Sigh.
  • The cut-off in PA is already September 1st.
  • There are 10 month winters in PA.


  • I need new clothes but can't even afford to get the *&$%&*ing car fixed.
  • Supergirl wants new shoes every week and loses at least 3 socks every week.
  • Those 3 socks are never matching ones.
  • She has a drawer full of unmatched socks.


  • Guess what? The farmer's market takes food stamps. Lucky day.
  • Thrift store is 50% off on Tuesday.
  • I need a butter dish.
  • For under a buck.



Miss Grace said...

For selfish reasons, I really, REALLY want you to stay here.

But I was thinking about PA. What if you went back for like...two years and then came back once Bubbles was settled in the grade he ought to be in, you have resettled financially, etc?
It might be easier in the long run.

maplesyrup said...

G, I have a lot of fabric-- seriously! Please come over, we can make you skirts and simple guacho type pants-- that's about as good as my skills are....But I really really REALLY would like to help.

Anonymous said...

My daughter LOVES socks. All kinds of crazy patterns, colors...let Supergirl know the "in" thing to do is wear mix matched pairs. My daughters NEVER match.

Lauri said...

Anon has the right idea - my daughter refuses to wear matching socks - good thing - cause she loses them all the time, too...couldn't find 2 of the same if she had to....just call it a fashion statement...

Anonymous said...

I don't know where in PA you are talking about, but recently we've only had about 2 1/2 months of winter here in the SE part of the state. Of course those months included 4 feet of snow, so take that for what it's worth.
Still, PA isn't all that bad.

jwg said...

I hate to add to your distress, but you might want to talk to the school district before you make a decision about what happens to his services if you don't send him to K. As I understand all the regs they can no longer provide services under the preschool program so if he isn't enrolled in K they can't pay for speech and anything else he's getting. It's a stupid rule. Maybe they have found a way around it.

sarah said...

Could you home school him for a year and put him in kindergarten next year? Or would you lose services?

Lynnbug said...

I havent been around in a while but I had to stop by and see how you are doing. It is tough to make these kinds of decisions but I know you will make the right one. Keep your spirits up!

Jenna said...

Guess what? The farmer's market takes food stamps. Lucky day.

Most local farmer's markets do. It's a pretty sweet deal!

Shea's Mom said...

FYI - my oldest has decided that it is totally cool to have mis-matched socks. Sort of trendsetting and deliciously wacky.

Really helps me out too!

gwendomama said...

Amber- I JUST saw this and can't find your email. I would LOVE to pick out some fabric for skirts - SERIOUSLY!!! Looked for you at FFM the last 2 wks....will look again.

Kim Moldofsky said...

I believe I've heard that PA offers IEPs for gifted children because they note gifted children to be a special needs population. If teachers and administrators feel she is ready for kindergarten, perhaps a gifted IEP would get her in early, as you are not asking for a special favor but an appropriate educational accommodation for your girl.. Might be worth looking in to.

Liz said...


It's COOL to not match!

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