Saturday, November 01, 2008

What I Don't Want to Forget About You on Your Third Birthday or Ever

  • The way you follow me into the bathroom, ask me if I am pooping, and then say, "Good job!" if I am.
  • How Pingu and bagel sound the same when you say them and every time I think it is bagel, even though you don't even like bagels.
  • You climb into bed every morning and shove your downy little head under my nose to make me sneeze and then you say "Oh, sorry! Wanna mursh?"
  • Your incredible indelible word associations, which can take you from seeing a picture of a fish to asking for a gummy swedish fish in 2 seconds flat.
  • How you will try to sing along with any song - even if it's the first time you have heard it.
  • When you say, "I SKEERED!" and make that face to show me that you were REALLY SKEERED!
  • When you have a treat you have to make sure everyone around you has one as well. If there are not enough, you will go without. It's no fun eating a lollipop alone.
  • The other night, when you had that mysterious fever and hallucinated fire trucks and puppies in the air and threw up the juice I had coaxed you to drink, you kept saying, "I spilled my mouf. I sorry. I spilled. I sorry." And it made me cry, because really, you are too kind for a small boy.
  • Your consistent obsession with: trains, helicopters, rockets, and fire trucks.
  • When you saw the cake come out of the oven this morning and I told you it was your cake, you said, "YAY! EAT CAKE! ANKTHOU!"
  • That all your friends at preschool love you because you are so happy and so freaking fun.
  • The way that you would rather snuggle with me while we 'watch trains' than sit alone and fondle your trains.
  • How you suddenly, just last week, stopped calling me 'Mama', and now have a very distinct, 'Mommmeeee', when you have something important to share.
  • The way you make me laugh every single day. I am not kidding. Every. Single. Day.
  • The sounds that you Buzz and Alien make when they are arguing (pure comedy).
  • The way you recently reminded us all how smart you really are, how unstoppable you really are, and how lucky we really are.
  • How hard you have worked for everyone, most of all yourself, over the past year.
  • Your limitless capacity to show, give, and receive love.
  • The expressions on your face as you received your VIP birthday tour of the local fire station. Thanks to Muncle Firetruck and his wife, Cha-Trains (yes, that is what he calls them).

Happy Birthday, my little man.

We love you so very much.


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Bubbles!!!!!
-Shannon in Austin

Anonymous said...

**sigh** that was lovely. Happy birthday. My baby girl is six on the fourth and my boy is 3 dec. the time flies...

Jen Myers said...

Happy Birthday! and I would say you are very lucky to have so many wonderful things to tell Bubbles.

fairymama said...

Happy Birthday Bubbles! You are such a freakin' cutie!!!

mamadaisy said...

hooray! happy birthday bubbles!

and good pooping mommy! said...

Happy Birthday Bubbles!! Hope it was a fabulous time!

Lin said...

and in my head I'm singing the Lennon song, "Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy."

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy day to Bubbles and his mama!

Mama Deb said...

Sorry I'm a day late. Happy, happy birthday to a wonderfully sweet little man. You light up a room, Bubbles. I hope you had a great day!

Rachel Inbar said...

How sweet. What a spectacular child :-)

Linda said...

Happy cake and friends day Bubbles!!!
You are the cutest boy on the planet-and I KNOW CUTE!!!

Ben and Bennie said...

Have a wonderful day, Bubbles! Awesome list Gwendo.

Anonymous said...

i adore him. always. that was a fabulous list. and made me miss being an every day part of his life. i can't wait to be there to celebrate him! he's just joy personified!

Lunasea said...

Happy Birthday, Bubbles! You brighten many peoples' lives!

...And a big Awwww to "I spilled my mouf." Poor guy. I hate spilling my mouth.