Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another donation to the therapy jar...

I am having a stellar parenting day.
Bubbles is sick with a cold. Whenever he gets extra mucousy, he pukes. I take him off his beloved dairy and put him on every liquid substitution I can find, and it helps a bit. But still? He pukes. It's just his thing. So the laundry is piling up. And after a few hours of clawing and pawing at me, I get a little edgy; that regression bit occurs when he is off and he just wants to nurse all day long. But he is two now, and I don't want to nurse him all day long, even if he is sick. (Yes, I know, the fabulous and loving parenting) So I just said: NO MORE MILK DUDE! NO MORE! GO AWAY!

But wait! There's more!
I remembered at the last minute that I was to teach music this morning at the local preschool, so I hustled over there (2 minutes away), dragging my box of bells/shakers/drums/etc. across the campus and ran right into my daughter's class, following their class aide on the way to their music class. Of course Supergirl wanted to stop and give me a hug, which I hurriedly did, and then instantly began chastising her for not wearing her coat. (Did we cover this subject 38 times already this month? Yes, we did. Is it 42 degrees today? Yes it is.) She was the only one in her class making the trek from upper to lower campus without a coat. And one of my kids is already sick.
As she was pouting at me for embarrasing her (hehehe this is nothing, I thought), another student from her class - a very exuberant Ella who really hardly ever watches where she is going and if you are around her it is all about the 'defensive driving' on your part - ran smack into Supergirl, knocking them both down on the pavement. Ella bounced up, delivered a quick apology, and sped off to music class. Supergirl, having just been emotionally injured by me, (and, I think I have to mention, perhaps feeling a little sensitive from the cold!) was not so resilient. She wept; she was hurt, Ella was mean, I was mean, I was unfair, I was mean mean mean! And she ran away from me, around the corner of the building, and away from the direction of her class. And I was late to teach. And I had to leave her there; and go get the aide to please collect her.
I know it would have just dragged on longer if I had tried to make it alright with her, but still?
I wish I could have made it all right with her.


mamadaisy said...

i have been thinking a lot about this subject today -- how mothers want and need to spare their children from pain, and then the pain we feel when we can't.

Cindy said...

You go, girl! You're raising a resilient child! That's right, or at least that's what I tell myself in similar moments.