Thursday, December 13, 2007

Musings on Religion and Not, and being all PC about it.

We have some suspicions that Supergirl thinks Santa is God. Because we just don't talk too much about God around here, and occasionally when she hears his name spoken around town, it is in reference to something attractively omnipotent.
Apparently Supergirl isn't the only one having trouble getting the Santa thing straight. Just tonight, The Boss (of Seattle)'s son asked her this question: "Mom? Can Santa make a witch into a present box and send it up to heaven?"
Now, this puzzled The Boss for several reasons, not the least of which was the fact that they are Jewish.

I myself, completely overuse the phrase, "Oh my god!" Of course it has worn off on Supergirl, who also drops it casually at home. But we have had many discussions about how and why she should never ever say those words around her grandmother, because it would be offensive. Also, in mixed company sometimes; maybe not so much in school, or in public too loudly. Because, as I pointed out to her, there are many things I may feel like saying or exclaiming, but I need to see who is around me and consider the situation, and when appropriate, try not to offend anyone. (Which is only partially true, as I seem to offend people frequently, but as a parent...don't we all want better for our children?)
This balance, as any parent knows, is a very difficult concept to teach your child. Belief in themselves, the courage to speak up, but HEY! Don't offend anyone unnecessarily in public! It's not nice!
Yesterday, after picking up Supergirl and her friend for some holiday craft shopping and then TJoe's necessity shopping, they were merrily giggling along in their silly contagious way, and they started some banter in which they responded back and forth to each other with 'duh' in it's various forms (duh, duh? du-uh?, d-uh!, etc) -Are you familiar with the game?
Supergirl looked at me cautiously and said, as we were walking through TJoe's parking lot, "We're allowed to say 'duh', right, Mama?"
"Well, you two are being silly and it is being used in a funny way right now, so it is okay. But in other situations the same word could be considered offensive...perhaps if someone was having a hard time with something and they asked for help, if someone said 'duh', then it would be an word that is offensive."
And right as we walked into the busy TJoe's downtown store, Supergirl loudly responded,
"Oh yeah! Like GOD! That is a word that is offensive!"



Parenting is an ongoing project.


nailgirl said...

It totally is an ongoing project! I struggle daily with what is acceptable to have my kids say versus what other people think is offensive. I am not a God person my self so I realize that the phrase could be offensive to some. Who ever said that we as parents have all the answers? It is a learn as you go type of thing. True Dat!

capello said...

well, i find that word to be offensive.

unless it's used in cursing, then of course it's perfectly fine.

jenijen said...

my kids made a jesus mii on their wii and not only did i laugh, i said i wanted to kick his ass in tennis so i could see the mad thought bubble that pops up over the loser's head.

i guess i should BLOG about that. . .

Tricia said...

Not only did our oldest think that Santa and God were the same- he also thought the voice over the loudspeaker at various stores ("Joe, checkout on number three, please")was God. We didn't crush him with the truth. And, really, God and Santa- same for me!

Cindy said...

It is a tricky line. Maybe offending people and not giving a shit is a privilege that comes with age (and course we're surely earned it).

What is it about kids being loud and embarrassing at TJ's? Last Christmas Sophie suggested, loud enough for the entire store to hear "I know what we can put in Daddy's stocking! SCOTCH!!! Cause my Daddy LOOOOOOOOVES Scotch!!!" Jeez.