Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh Yes I Did

Yes, we are back home, and yes I have many inappropriate pictures of rocks.
But the day after we got home, I got some insane hair to roast a chicken.
I blame the chicken.
I never had roasted a chicken before, being a relatively new convert to meat and still afraid of bones...and now I doubt I ever will again.
It was the chicken's fault.
Not the fact that I was using one of my new, sharp knives (because listen to me: 'Dull knives injure, dull knives injure!'...I am an idiot!) to slice a lemon, or the fact that I turned my head away from the knife to shake a toddler off of my knee...I still blame the chicken.
Although I am at least glad that it was lemon juice and not chicken juice that was on the knife when it sliced the tip of my finger off.

Pad of my finger?

Have I mentioned my day job?

(I am an idiot.) (I hate being a idiot.)


Denise said...

Pictures G we want pictures!

Tricia said...


Stitches- or no need??? Which, maybe... is worse

Lin said...

OH BUGGER! Tricia echoed my question? You poor thing. xoxo

gwendomama said...

denise: NO YOU DON'T.

tricia, lin: not quite enough for stitches, not quite enough to let it go either...truthfully it might have taken a few stitches if it was properly re-attached and iced right away. which, despite being good friends w/an EMT, it was not.

so, sadly, i will either end up with a nasty callous or a flat finger.

mamadaisy said...

ouch! my ex did that once. remarkably, it grew back.

still, yikes!

Cindy said...

But how was the chicken???? Cause this is one of my favorite easy meals: stick it in the oven and forget about it for an hour. Then you have a carcass to pick at and make stock out of. I always feel like I get a lot of bang for my buck with a chicken.

My dad snipped off the end of his finger with his Felco pruning shears. They cauterized his finger, and he did end up with a sort of flat finger. Still works ok though.

jw said...

oweeee, that explains the recent lack of blogger posts!! Sending more healing energy your way!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your finger!
Off this topic, but I couldn't figure out
how to email you privately, I saw an
article in this morning's SF Chron that
made me think of you and Elijah... it's about
kids with a rare disease that sounded a lot
like Elijah's. If you are into chasing this sort
of thing down, check out the SFgate website...
the headline is "A Long Road to Hope."
I hope this isn't too intrusive.
hugs, Anita R.

gwendomama said...

OMG Anita (who are you??? email me at gwendomama at gmail dot com)this is tripping me out. that baby looks so very much like elijah.