Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mary Poppins is at MY HOUSE

So happy! Auntie Deedee is here for FIVE WHOLE DAYS!! Can I get a WOOHOO?!
Oh yes, we packed our little family into the old van and headed up to the big city today after collecting beloved auntie at SFO. If you have ever heard a story or comment about San Francisco in the summer, chances are the words 'sun' and 'warm' were not included unless bitterly recounting the lack thereof. So you will understand the weight of what I am about to say.
There was no fog in the city of San Francisco anywhere today, AND I wore a tank top all day and never once needed fleece. It was truly amazing, and I have lived in this area for 19 years.
So we had a stellar lunch at the grimy gourmet House of Nanking in Chinatown, then shopping, oh the shopping! I could easily spend all day in Chinatown, but it seems I never have more than 2-3 hours there, which I suppose is just as well since shopping does involve spending money.
But Supergirl wanted pink silk pajamas for her birthday (tomorrow), and I was more than happy to oblige, as this is a tradition we started years ago for Elijah's first (okay, only) birthday and it is sweet to carry it on- plus they just look so damn cute in those outfits! I will post some pics later, but Supergirl, Bubbles, and G-mama all came away with some swell new flash.
We then went on to meet friends at the Fairy Building (shhhh- we don't want Supergirl to learn that it is really the Ferry Building) and gather them up to trek to the opposite end of the city - Ocean Beach, where the Beach Chalet Restaurant (and BrewPub) is primely located to watch an amazingly fog-less San Francisco sunset. Wow. Welcome to the left coast, Auntie Deedee!
So back the WOOHOO? Auntie Deedee is better than cake. What can I say? Better than chocolate - THAT good. NOW you understand, right? Babies love her. Supergirl worships her. Think Mary Poppins for the kids, valium for the mom. Natural valium, mind you. Although she is Dh's sister, she likes me better, and loves the kids best of all. So what does this mean for Gwendomama? This means that I will be able to look forward to things like: crapping without an audience, potential uninterrupted naps, showers that last longer than 3 minutes, help folding the Mt Denali of laundry piles, the ability to pull off The Party of The Summer on Saturday, the occasional moment to blog...just to name a few...and for the next four days!!! (today is spent)
So can you hear me?



mamadaisy said...

Can Auntie Deedee come to my house? Pleeeeease? Enjoy the visit and the extra help.

In a creepy coincidence, Ethan's birthday is Sunday. Do our kids match, or what? Here's to a Saturday of screaming kids high on sugar!

Lin said...

Every family should have an Auntie Deedee...but they don't. Aren't you and your little ones just the luckiest!!!Have fun at the party. It's supposed to be 100 and humid here. Oh hell...

Lin said...

Oh, and have fun at the party tomorrow! It will be 110 here. DAMNIT!@&^%$%^^#(#

Auntie Dee-Dee said...

And Mary Poppins, a/k/a Auntie Dee-Dee, had a blast!!!!!

fortune broker said...

no way yo. she's next to me. you lie!!!!!!!!!!!!