Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Non-commercial Midsummers Heatwave Party

For 12 years I threw a Summer Solstice party that rocked this mountain. After Elijah died, June just came around too soon...and it seems the solstice party may have died with him. But last year we decided to throw a midsummmer's party instead, being that Supergirl's birthday is also July 20, it seems a great time to get all festive. It was a hit, so we went that route again this year. We combined the all-out summer celebration and the pink ballerina sparkle heart rainbow fairy fifth birthday party. Hey, I can pull off almost any party.
Like dear Lin, we had our Party of the Summer on Saturday. And like dear Lin, the temperature at our party was over 105 degrees, no joke. California heatwave, my ass. More like the gates of hell and welcome to global warming. Thank goddess I say for the pool. Not one of them fancy inground ones, just our little everyard white trash pool...but 36 inches of water never felt so good as it did on Saturday! Just ask Jen, who is still somewhat shy about admitting that she walked around in her underwear at our party after cooling in the pool. What she didn't know is that nobody noticed, as most of them were also in their underwear (which shockingly resemble bathing suits!), and quite frankly the dress code at our place is, well, optional.
Many of our faithful party goers (so many bailed due to the heat) camped overnight, an annual tradition. As the night cooled off to a mere 93 degreese, not much sleep was had by anyone, frankly, and least of all by those in tents and my 9 mos pregnant friend who insisted on sleeping in their VW van!
Oh- have you ever tried to get buttercream frosting to become buttercream frosting, let alone stick to the cake, when the temp is 106? It does not work. But I whipped up some fluffy pink stuff and piled it on high enough to make it stick. I will add 'upload pics' to my list of chores today.
At any rate, Supergirl's party was a blast. Because Mary Poppins was in town to help, you know. It really was awesome. We set up a stage in the yard (no we didn't build it, we just re-appropriated a deck) and decorated it with pink curtains, unicorns, rainbow lights, with fairy skirts and wands for the taking. We were treated to many 'performances' during the evening, and any parent who has a four or five year old probably knows what I am talking about. Which is why we did it. Because that is what those kids love to do! Well, that and what Supergirl was telling anyone at her party who would listen after she had slugged down a few full strength juice boxes and was uninhibitedly speaking her mind: "Well, I wanted to have a cinderella party, but my parents won't let me have anything commooshal, so I picked a ballerina fairy party."

More to come, pictures too, but I have to get ready to go meet some mommbloggers I get to participate as a non-lurker in the upcoming Blogher festivities. Yee-haw!


Abby said...

Sounds like a fantastic party, I would probably be running around in my underwear too! Just be thankful that it's not freezing cold there as it is here (sydney-australia)& live it up!

Mary Tsao said...

Nothing commooshal? How cute is that!

Sounds like such a good time. And I have an auntie dee dee, too! Who also is like Mary poppins! Wild.

dee-dee said...

Amen to the "white trash" pool with the alien blowups! Such fun!!! Mary Poppins was feelin' a wee bit light headed & dizzy with the heat! The cool waters were a relief! It was a fairyland delight!